Acar Atelier

About Acar Group

Acar Group’s primary fields of operation are: Printing and Binding, Boxes and Packaging, Leathercraft, and Publishing.

The story of Acar Group, which started in a mere fifty square meters of basement forty years ago, continues to develop with firm steps with the motto of being permanent, and setting corporate objectives as providing creative and innovative solutions to its business partners with its 40 years of experience and knowledge.

Starting its operations in 1980, the Group has been continuously expanding its activities in various fields such as publication, printing, leathercraft, boxes and packaging, and construction; the Group currently employs around two hundred fifty people locally and at its overseas offices worldwide. 

Since its inception in 1980, Acar Group has devoted itself to creating transparent and fair relations with its business partners. During its forty years of coexistence with clients, the Group has founded many local and global brands such as Arwey, Note Eco, Acar Corporate, and BAÂ. Collective experience within Acar Group has proved fruitful as Acar Printing, Acar Atelier, Azim Boxes and Packaging, and ABM Publication companies have been founded successively. With the help of its global network and presence, The Group has been continuously increasing its market share. Today by possessing a strong human capital, following the global market and trends closely, and investing in Research and Development, the Group consistently has able to increase quality levels and reduced prices in the products and services it offers. With its highly motivated and experienced staff, Acar Group continues to deliver high-quality services and products. 

Located in Haramidere Beysan Industrial Estate, Acar Group values informed investing by following the global innovations and trends in the sector. Keeping people and virtue first as the corporate ethos since the company’s inception in 1980, we are among leading companies in our field, providing our customers with services and products of high quality that are capable of further development informed with research. Through expanding its global and local network, following the markets and trends from the source, establishing fair and transparent relations with the customers, Acar Group has carried and will carry the mandate of improving the “Made in Turkey” brand tirelessly worldwide. On a global scale, Acar Group upholds its “reputable company” identity by utilizing its accumulated knowledge that spans two generations and forty-two years to make an impact on global and local development and contribute to the advancement of collective conscience.

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